My Approach


My approach to working with clients is primarily informed by my training in and experience with Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy. Hakomi is a respectful and empowering experiential approach that uses mindfulness as a key tool.  Mindfulness, the ability to be in an experience and witness it at the same time, is developed as a method for self-discovery and healing. As clients engage in a process of becoming more aware of and studying their current experience, (emotions, body sensations, energy, thoughts, etc.) they can access underlying core experiences and beliefs that can be felt, evaluated, and shifted. Different ways of being and making choices in the world thus become more possible and replace more limited beliefs and behaviors.

I have also received training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C), an approach that helps couples resolve conflicts, improve emotional communication, and enhance intimacy.

Rooted in Hakomi and Emotionally Focused Therapy my approach is:

Experiential: Working with the client’s current experience (emotions, body sensations, energy, thoughts, etc.,) I identify and support opportunities for the client to access and potentially shift challenging issues experientially during the session. 

Relationship-Based:  Recognizing that we all have an innate need to feel connected and attached to significant others in secure and close relationships.  In working with couples, I am informed by the understanding that basic attachment issues underlie most conflicts and that accessing these attachment hurts and strengthening the responsiveness and bond between the partners is an effective strategy. 

Strength-Based:  Placing an emphasis in the therapeutic process on identifying and actively cultivating the strengths/resources of the clients.  

Empowerment oriented: Believing that clients have the capacity and innate ability to move toward health and healing and that my role as a therapist is to create the conditions, provide the support, and offer tools for them to achieve greater wholeness.